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NanoDegrees in BioEthics Become Mainstream in 21st Century Medical Education

Written by: Rich Gennuso

ICBioethics newly launched badge program in bioethics empowers all in the healthcare industry to access relevant education in bitesize chunks while earning valuable credentials. This program delivers high quality content in manageable sessions, optimizing learning and retention.  The professional healthcare training includes, among other topics, lessons in medical ethics, organizational ethics, cultural competence, patient rights, patient engagement, and compliance. Participants earn appropriate certification which can be displayed as badges anywhere that credentials may appear.  All levels of the badge program are on-demand, delivering ethics education for those employed by hospitals, in residency programs, associated with long term care facilities, or anyone simply interested in earning additional credentials in bioethics. Access to the program can be purchased by individuals or in teams.

As with all ICBioethics programs, the badge program's applied ethics education strives to move learners beyond knowledge acquisition and skills development to behavioral changes that result in a higher level of professionalism and the delivery of top-quality patient-centered care.

By taking the steps to earn badges, all busy hospital administrators, ethics committee members, nurses, chaplains, and physicians have an opportunity to conveniently boost their degree of bioethics knowledge and preparedness, an experience that should prove a boon to their careers, their institutions, and to all of their future patients. In addition, the badges signify a valid verification of knowledge, potentially making one more competitive and sought after. Once earned, the badges should be displayed in email signatures, social media, and professional networking sites, thereby acting as a clear symbol of authority in bioethics.

Access to the badge program is available at or request more information by calling 412-927-0224.