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In academia, extensive literature bears out the need for education in healthcare ethics. A strong foundation of relevant ethics knowledge and its critical application enables providers to carry out their daily responsibilities more astutely, to enhance care delivery and to improve patient satisfaction. As the medical industry strives to improve healthcare delivery for patients, organizational leaders will need to be prepared to develop, implement, and measure policies and practices that enhance treatment for people from different communities according to the rights afforded them.

Today’s health professionals are also expected to adequately develop and hone their interprofessional skills, as well. Working collaboratively and cooperatively is critical, not only for the integrity of their professions, but also for the benefit of their patients.

Professionalism also demands an ability to successfully relate to patients and engage them in the course of their own care. This requires exhibiting cultural competency in our diverse healthcare environment.

But how do you develop the curriculum to support all of these objectives while teaching medicine?