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The first of its kind to support bioethics knowledge, best-in-class practices and theories into the healthcare and educational marketplace. ICB’s EthAssist® tool incorporates a searchable, dynamic, topically diverse database - - with an automated methodology - - that includes sequenced, effectiveness and standards sustainability.

Developed by a team of bioethicists, clinical and educational experts, EthAssist was built with organizational know-how and operational efficiency in mind. EthAssist™ provides a powerful array of resources for front-line personnel whose day-to-day challenges demand advanced knowledge, skills and problem-solving approaches. EthAssist advances organizations that seek higher standards in their ethics program, patient care and safety, employee expertise, retention and engagement, policy and procedural compliance, and cost containment.

EthAssist provides healthcare clinical staff, researchers and educators with a comprehensive, searchable repository of relevant, up-to-date information related to healthcare ethics - as well as content-enabled workflows to assure best-practice, consistent application of bioethics knowledge in day-to-day patient care.

Whatever certification or compliance you adhear to - EthAssist can help you fulfill them.