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Ethics training delivered direct to you

The Institute of Consultative Bioethics (ICBioethics) is a provider of comprehensive, customizable, knowledge delivery software and coaching/consulting services that support health care and other highly regulated industries, as well as academic organizations training professionals.

Never satisfied with status quo, ICBioethics can move organizations beyond basic practice, compliance, and risk reduction:

  • by creating and maintaining systems that are responsive, controllable, sustainable, and sound;
  • by collaborating with organizations to build their culture and reinforce their identity; and
  • by supporting staff growth, development, and effective, ethical decision-making.

While intent on serving its clients, ICBioethics never loses sight of keeping ethics firmly rooted in the culture of its own organization.




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Areas of Expertise

EthAssist LMS

Transform your organization’s culture — raise the bar for daily practices, model and support ethical behavior, boost compliance and morale — all with EthAssist®, the world's first ethics based learning management system.                                                                

Custom Lesson Creation

EthAssist enables those responsible for education and training (academic or professional) to build a customized curriculum or modify existing ones by selecting from hundreds of reusable learning objects (RLO’s) and related materials.

Badge Program

Train your staff quickly and effectively with ICBioethics' Badge Program. Badges are a digital way to showcase what you have learned. ICBioethics' badges are compatible with OpenBadges and can be displayed across the web.                                                     

Interprofessional (IPE) + Opioid prescription online Training

Today’s health professionals are also expected to adequately develop and hone their interprofessional skills. Working collaboratively and cooperatively regardless of the emergency, crisis or epidemic is critical not only for the sake and integrity of their profession, but also for the benefit of their patients.


Are you a dean, professor or program director having difficulty fulfilling your ethics requirements? We can help you reach them. How are you training your students on patient rights, safety and ethics? Our lessons can be used to fulfill requirements traditionally difficult to attain and manage.  

Create and Train Ethics Committee

Provide healthcare clinical staff, researchers and educators with comprehensive bioethical training that can be implemented in as little as 24 hours. Training includes a searchable repository of relevant, up-to-date information related to healthcare ethics, content-enabled workflows to assure best-practice and customizable lessons and quizzes. 




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