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The Time is Always Right to do Right!

Written by: Dr. Kathy Gennuso

Thanks, Martin, for your courage, wisdom, and inspiration: the time is always right to do right!

As I sit here reflecting on my dream this snowy MLK Jr. Day, I can heartily affirm King's famous words: "the time is always right to do right."

Although he spoke those words to graduating students at Oberlin College almost 55 years ago, they resonate as strongly as ever. I would like to present those same words to students everywhere (and we all should remain open and inquiring students in a world so in need of lifelong learning!) and ask them to consider where and how ethics enters into their dream and their roles they hope to carve out or already serve as professionals.

Are social, racial, economic, and political tensions and injustices fewer than in Dr. King's day? Have we, as a society, achieved his dream and learned to live in peace, brotherhood, and interconnectedness? Undeniably, some strides have been made, but much work remains in this fast-paced, multi-cultural nation that often struggles with not only neighborly civility, but with finding consensus amid morally confusing situations that surround us all and affect future generations. Surely, the time is always now to work on setting things right.

A portion of my dream for doing my part has included changing careers and focusing on exploring and promoting ethics, an uphill dream that started slow but brought me to an awesome and humbling opportunity. My company, ICBioethics, was chosen to create an educational program that will influence future professionals to identify, thoughtfully consider, and work through dilemmas, doing right even when the going gets tough. The students, predominantly medical students and future administrators, will gain important insights and skills as they earn a Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics degree. This program will help them to exhibit integrity, sensitivity, and professionalism with many future patients who will undoubtedly benefit, as will the health systems in which they work. Attached is the press release from our client Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) with program details.

Press Release

2018 looks busy and bright – full of opportunity and promise – a year for accomplishing dreams. I thank LECOM for their vision and confidence in ICBioethics and I thank the Lord for his blessings on us. This is the right time . . . . Happy New Year!

- Kathy