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Setting up bioethics training? You’re only 3 clicks away!

Written by: Mitch Gennuso

Training an entire staff or committee on bioethics can be a full time job in itself! EthAssist® is ready to help take some of that load off of your back. EthAssist comes fully appointed with bioethics training and compliance lessons ready to be deployed to your staff in as little as three clicks.

Maybe you have your own bioethics training materials you’ve put time and money into, but they aren’t being utilized. Load those materials into EthAssist for customized training surrounded by your own material.

As the technical guru of EthAssist, I am always trying to make our learning system a better place to provide hassle-free training and to facilitate effective learning. I’m excited about some new features we are adding into our latest release in just a few weeks.

One of these updates we’ll be adding is an enhancement to our reporting feature in EthAssist: a graphical dashboard to our reporting page. Now, managers will be able to dig in deep when running reports, ensuring that proper training has been received and ultimately understood.

When you are responsible to ensure your staff is trained, why take a risk? From bioethics training and beyond, EthAssist has been carefully developed to make your staff more knowledgeable, accountable, and compliant!