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Donating a Kidney Leads to Love for Strangers

Written by: Leah Jeunnette, Ph.D.(c)

As a bioethicist, I often comment on troublesome or difficult healthcare cases. It can be tiresome, a little discouraging, and sometimes mentally exhausting. So when, a positive story makes headlines, I think that it is important to share it, even celebrate it.

When Ashley McIntyre heard her mother and grandmother relate Danny Robinson’s need for a kidney transplant, she was deeply touched by the young man’s story. She happened to be the right blood type and immediately wanted to be tested as a potential donor. Surprise –Ashley was willing to donate a kidney for a complete stranger!

In April 2014, Ashley donated her kidney to Danny and both successfully made it through surgery. But what followed was even more surprising — Danny and Ashley fell in love. Now almost a year later, they are engaged to be married and expecting a baby girl.

Proper organ donation is an important issue in the bioethical world. Not without controversy, it does save many lives. Unfortunately, there are too many people waiting and too few available organs. By being a living organ donor, Ashley not only saved Danny, she removed him from the waiting list and gave someone else a better chance at getting an available kidney.

Ashley willingly took a big risk just to benefit another human being, and her unexpected reward has been great. May her happy ending go on and on . . . .

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