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100's of lessons are availible inside of EthAssist

100's of predesigned bioethics lessons

Designed by a team of bioethics experts and professionals. Popular lessons include:

  • Informed Consent
  • Surrogate Decision Making
  • Advance Directives
  • Moral Distress 
  • Advance Planning
  • Ethics Committee Training
  • Ethics Consultant Training

Comprehensive interpersonal training (IPE) Learning Activities

Today’s health professionals are also expected to adequately develop and hone their interprofessional skills. Working collaboratively and cooperatively regardless of the emergency, crisis or epidemic is critical not only for the sake and integrity of their profession, but also for the benefit of their patients.

Interprofessional Education in EthAssist.

Example of picking possible surrogates as activity 

Simulation Learning

EthAssist’s scenario-based simulation tool, helps users learn content and practice skills by virtually participating in realistic situations that dramatize sometimes confusing aspects of their professions’ roles and expectations. Our Simulation Learning tool, EthiSim interactively guides students to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and decision-making strategies without exposing others to unnecessary risks. Students gain confidence while repeating scenarios as needed to master the targeted skill or procedure.