Reuseable Learning Objects (RLOs)


Young female doctor using touch screen interface

Built for the future of learning...

We chose this strategy based upon the realization that effective training consists of more than a broad, inflexible “course.”

Effective training focuses on the learner’s experience and accommodates multiple approaches to learning. It incorporates problem solving, cases, context-rich stories, real-world simulations, and personalized, dynamic delivery adjusted to fit the learner and the organization. All of these rich modalities are part of our model crafted to lower costs and bring higher value to businesses and meaningful, accessible, applicable learning to their students and employees.

By using RLOs, EthAssist® can be flexible and efficient while satisfying three typical demands in today’s learning environment:

  1. accommodation of current learning styles, in the way many people prefer to learn;
  2. accommodation of those with packed schedules and little time to learn; and
  3. accommodation of need for on-demand learning, allowing access whenever/wherever.