Marketing Briefs

Exploring Moral Distress
If left unresolved, moral distress will impact patient care and cause some practitioners to leave the field. Proper, pro-active training prepares and empowers health workers to work through difficult situations.

EthAssist® in Academia: Assuring Transformation through Technology - This powerful system contains tools that help streamline the educational process and expose budding practitioners to knowledge and resolution of ethical dilemmas they will face.

Quality Improvement: Knowing and Applying Ethical Principles Has Value - The right training tool can help reduce costs and staffing problems while improving patient satisfaction . . . in ICU, Palliative Care, and Hospice.

EthAssist® in Healthcare Organizations: Challenges/Solutions Poorly trained healthcare professionals who make clinical decisions based solely on their beliefs and personal ethics, not organizational policies, ethical codes, and laws, can jeopardize patient safety and rights, as well as the reputations of their organizations.

EthAssist®: Helping to Ensure Quality Care or Service and Compliance– This flexible and affordable e-knowledge software/service provides customizable, attention-getting training, informs on-the-job decision making, tracks progress, and documents compliance measures in highly regulated environments.



How an LMS can Streamline Training and make it more Effective