ICBioethics' Badge Program

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ICBioethics' Badge Program Overview

 The cost of learning is reduced while the high quality content is dynamic and optimized.

The knowledge and skills are delivered by and authenticated by ICBioethics and recognized using a series of earned badges such as those below:


Level 1 - Ethically Informed badge

The Level 1 -  Ethically Informed Badge is the first level of the badge program designed for those interested in bioethics. It provides the foundation for understanding ethical dilemmas with the patient or colleagues. It also starts the discussion of respecting patient rights. To earn and display the Ethically Informed Badge, one must complete the following with the score of 80% or greater:

Required Courses:
> Principlism & Other Approaches
> Informed Consent
> Patient Confidentiality
> Patient Access to Health Care

Elective Courses (Choose One):
> History of Bioethics
> Ethical Theories
> Frameworks & Theories for Public Health
> International Frameworks
> What is Public Health Ethics?

* If purchasing for a team or group please contact us at support@icbioethics.com to get set up. 


Level 2 - Ethically Involved badge

The Level 2 -  Ethically Involved is the second level of the badge program designed for those serious about their work in bioethics. The Ethically Involved Badge was designed for ethics committees, ethics consultants, and healthcare administrators that have a stake in healthcare policy and execution. To earn and display the Ethically Involved Badge, one must complete the following:

Required Courses:
> Bioethics Frameworks
> Conflict of Interest
> Patient Safety
> Patient Confidentiality
> Decision Making
> Delegation of Decision Making

Elective Courses (Choose Two):
> Advance Care Planning
> Patient / Physician Relationship
> Organ Donation
> Research Foundation
> Human Subject Clinical Trials
> Defining Cultural Competence
> Palliative Care


Level 3 - Ethically Invested badge

The Level 3 -  Ethically Invested Badge is the third level of the badge program designed for those responsible for the ethics functions at an institution or large health system. The Ethically Invested Badge was designed for those healthcare professionals taking the next step in their careers and looking to expand their ethical knowledge. 

Details coming soon!



Level 4 - Ethical Expert badge

The Level 4 -  Ethical Expert Badge is the highest level of the Ethics badge program. The Ethical Expert seeks continuous personal and professional growth and learning in medical ethics, patient rights, patient engagement, and compliance, and desires to share that knowledge with others.

Details coming soon!


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