An RLO is a self-contained building block of education on a single subject matter, designed for a 21st century learning environment where learning is delivered in short, three to five minute bursts of information. Also knowing as “Microlearning,” the reusable learning object (RLO) strategy provides a process and framework used to create and deliver learning experiences that support the needs of every client. These learning experiences are constructed out of learning objects (can be ICBioethics’ RLOs or your own) to build solutions in multiple learning approaches for a robust set of performance needs and delivery options. Each RLO has a textual and multi-media teaching element as well as graded and non-graded assessment questions.

We chose this strategy based upon the realization that effective training, training to invoke cultural change, consists of more than a broad, inflexible “course.” Effective training focuses on the learner’s experience and accommodates multiple approaches to learning. happy doctors with tablet pc meeting at hospitalIt incorporates problem solving, using cases, context-rich stories, real-world simulations, and personalized, dynamic delivery adjusted to fit the learner and the organization. All of these rich modalities are part of our model crafted to lower costs and bring higher value to businesses and meaningful, accessible, applicable learning to their employees.

By using RLOs, EthAssist® can be flexible and efficient while satisfying three typical demands in today’s work place:

  1. accommodation of current learning styles, in the way many people prefer to learn;
  2. accommodation of those with packed schedules and little time to learn; and
  3. accommodation of need for on-demand learning, allowing access whenever/wherever.