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Learn why patient safety should be part of every decision you make.  Hear how your extended teams — and your patients themselves — have a role in patient safety.


Join us for our patient safety webinar, Keeping Patients Safe Starts with Commitment to Building a Culture of Patient-Centered Care, on Friday, March 18, at noon Eastern Time.  Make this webinar part of Patient Safety Awareness Week at your organization.  During the webinar, you will see how improving patient safety is attainable when you commit to a collaborative effort to change your organization’s culture and you use the right tools …

  • See how patient rights are the foundation of patient safety.
  • Identify criteria: How to determine if you and your facility deliver patient-centered care that protects rights.
  • Understand how automation can assist in laying the foundation and then maintaining that culture of patient safety.

Did you know that the theme for the 2016 Patient Safety Awareness Week is “United in Safety”?  The message is clear. A culture of patient safety demands that all staff members are part of the process.  This in turn requires a way to educate everyone in a timely manner and to continue to keep all individuals current as necessary for their role in your organization.

When given good information, the opportunity, and encouragement from staff, even patients themselves can participate in creating a safer environment. Offering them tools like Ask Me 3® and Speak UpTM initiatives can teach them how to become their own advocates. These tools can be incorporated easily into any patient safety education by a willing organization.

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